Managed Service Providing (MSP)—Perfectly tailored external staff management

We enable effective and efficient external staff management.

Managed Service Providing plays an essential role in your human resources management and your recruitment efforts, and it covers all aspects from supplier management and procurement to contract management. All processes are mapped in a vendor management system (VMS)—this provides optimal transparency as well as deep reporting and analytical capabilities.

Services and benefits

Our extensive experience enables us to develop highly customized solutions, tailored to your needs and requests. Together, we define the right strategy to create more efficient processes, consolidate suppliers, and achieve significant savings.


We analyze existing processes and increase efficiency through downsizing and automation.


We bundle and manage your suppliers, harmonize terms and conditions, and optimize your supplier portfolio.


We always determine current market prices and use those to evaluate your savings potential.


We automate and digitalize your processes and use centralized information for analytics and reports to maximize transparency and develop suggestions for concrete measures.


Improved transparency in terms of supplier performance and continuous improvement of your supplier portfolio.


Monitoring for all contractual and supplier relationships, compliant use of external personnel.


Implementation of intuitive, simplified processes and organizational structures, guaranteeing process reliability.


Realizing savings potential by leveraging appropriate market prices.

Contractor Management Outsourcing (CMO)

We relieve you of any administrative burden by bundling your supplier contracts. This reduces the number of suppliers and harmonizes your contractual obligations. In close cooperation with you, we also realize savings potential by renegotiating contracts with your existing suppliers.


Find out more about supplier management

We show you the advantages of contractor management outsourcing (CMO).


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Do you have the right processes and tools for optimized external personnel management?

We show you the advantages of a Managed Service Provider (MSP).


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  • Esther Schlichte,
  • Area Manager Strategic Relationship Management
  • Frankfurt office
  • Region: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Esther Schlichte

By combining my many years of experience in selling complex services with my insights into various industries, my team and I have the goal of working together with our customers to reliably recruit and manage specialists for the future.

Today, our customers are able to achieve more efficient staff procurement and thus save both time and money. At the same time, using the latest technology enables them to achieve a significantly higher level of transparency regarding their expenditures and the performance of individual suppliers, enabling them to make better decisions more quickly.

A particular factor for our customers' success is our ability to ensure a smooth introduction of services and to prepare their internal organisation for change by using a proven and constantly updated change management process.