We recruit experts for permanent positions
in construction and property

Are you looking to add new permanent members
to your construction and property team?

We provide managers and specialists on a contingency basis for the construction and property industry, drawing upon a large, quality-assured network of candidates to fill vacancies and meet our customers' needs. And we are continuously expanding this network, regardless of current trends or customer demands, which means we can quickly and flexibly serve your needs.

We always supply the best-fitting solution based on a detailed needs analysis, carried out in advance with you, as part of our overall search process. This means you benefit from our comprehensive and integrated quality-assured staffing process.

With us as your partner, your company is assured access to both the national and international candidate markets. When it comes to Construction and Property, we can support you in the construction and property industry throughout all phases of HOAI as well as in facility management, large-scale plant construction, building services and real estate management.

Your advantages:

  • Vacancies swiftly filled on a contingency basis
  • Free placement of job advertisements in leading online job portals
  • More than 100,000 visitors each month to our own websites
  • Over 50,000 pro-active contacts with specialists each month by Hays employees
  • Positive presentation of our customers on the recruitment market
  • Trustworthy and professional collaboration with clients and candidates

We provide specialists and managers in the following areas:

  • Civil engineering: structural, civil and specialist project engineering
  • Facility management: commercial and technical
  • Plant construction: energy production and distribution, chemical, petrochemical, steel industry, etc.
  • Building services: HVAC, electro / power-production technology
  • Real estate management: investment and management for real estate and commercial properties

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