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In this video interview, our candidate talk about their experience with Hays.

Axel Calkosz, freelance Pricing Specialist (Duration 03:29 mins.) (Video is in German)

From placement to payment – we cover all the bases. Services for freelancers:

  • Payment security: We guarantee liquidity, reliable payments and the ability to contact your Hays account specialist. You can choose between a variety of payment terms and thus accelerate your payments.
  • Long-term partnerships: We want to establish long-term working relationships. This means you can count on high placement rates for follow-up projects.
  • We have 4 offices in Switzerland with one near you. Our offices
  • We have worldwide access to projects that aren't advertised either in the public sector or via social networks.
  • Let us find you your next follow-on project. All we need is the most recent version of your CV and your current employment status. We'll handle the rest.
  • The Hays customer network covers everything from small businesses to major corporate groups. We get you access to all companies, regardless of size. More than 150 of our sales employees are in regular contact with over 2,000 customers. Our references
  • We are an exclusive partner for many companies. Check out our Hays Enterprise Solutions references
  • Industry focus: We are a contractual partner to customers across nine professional fields. Your needs and preferences are in good hands with our dedicated industry specialists. Our consultants know your area of expertise and speak your language.
  • We will keep you up-to-date on the latest and most appropriate projects via email. Set up your search profile now
  • Fast and direct communication, all-round support and seamless process handling: We accompany you throughout the entire placement process – from job interviews to placement to personally supporting you throughout your entire project.
  • It's all really easy, thanks to our standardised and transparent processes: Electronic workflows and our electronic invoice upload service allow you to process everything conveniently via our homepage.
  • Compliance assurance: Our tried and tested standard contracts take the pain out of negotiating new jobs with new customers.
  • Data protection: Hays is ISO 9001 certified and we view data protection as being our top priority. Your CV is in safe hands with us. The submission and distribution of your CV requires your prior approval. At Hays, your professionalism is always protected. Find out more about our quality management
  • Do you need feedback on your profile? We've got some good tips for you. Optimise your profile now

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