Active Sourcing—We fill your vacancies. Reliably.

Our goal: Finding the best talents for your business

Active Sourcing is about more than just finding the right candidate for a single vacancy. To us, Active Sourcing is part of a larger recruitment strategy that allows us to look for and find almost any type of candidate. It enables us to be faster and more precise as well as to increase candidate loyalty.

The key to your business’s growth is tailor-made recruitment solutions encompassing everything from searching, identifying and proactively contacting talents to the final steps of procurement.

Contributing factors to our success include the use of modern sourcing channels and the deployment of a wide variety of recruitment tools. These are supplemented by our deep know-how with regard to compliance and guidelines, our excellent communication skills and our professional candidate management.

Active Sourcing offers you these benefits:


We are your single point of contact for everything related to employment.


Reduced fees for recruitment consulting thanks to bundled volumes instead of commissioning on a case-by-case basis.


We offer resources and recruitment measures tailored to your needs at any time.

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  • Toni Felix,
  • Head of Perm Enterprise in Strategic Alliances
  • Cologne Office
  • Region: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Toni Felix