Graziella Contratto "Leading demanding experts – How orchestras educate their conductors"

The cliché of the screaming, tyrannical conductor is an image that is deeply embedded in our collective conscience. And yet, linked to this very outdated notion is the enduring romantic idea of the magical power that the conductor has over their orchestra, using nothing more than a tiny baton as their weapon.
In her presentation, the conductor Graziella Contratto showed how leading an orchestra has changed over the last 20 years: how purely charismatic leadership has been forced to include professional skills if it is to be successful. Today’s conductor must be adept in management, sponsoring, education, the media, politics and communication if they want to be considered a responsible artistic director.

Conférence de Graziella Contratto lors du Hays-Forum 2014 (uniquement disponible en anglais).

L’interview avec Graziella Contratto (Vidéo en anglais, Durée 09:48 Min)