The Hays-Forum is an annual, related series of events to which we invite clients and active business partners. With the Hays-Forum, we offer a platform where current, key management issues are presented and discussed. Before and after the lecture we give participants the opportunity to chat and network with each other.

The presentations of the Hays-Forums 2017 will be held in German (in Zurich) and in English (in Basel).

The Hays-Forum 2017 is all about digital change. Companies are confronted with major disruption. How can executives hold their ground in this environment? Is leadership still required given that teams are increasingly organizing themselves independently and robots have already made their way into the management of companies?
According to this year's Hays-Forum speaker, Nicole Brandes, leadership in the digital age is not redundant but more important than ever. Industry 4.0 requires Leadership 4.0. In her speech, she will talk about what competencies leaders of today and tomorrow need. The entrepreneur, author and former manager will share future-oriented leadership skills with you and give you insights into her new corporate leadership programmes.

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