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Everything you need for the new era of work – guides, articles and tips to help you, your team and your organization successfully prepare for what´s coming next – all whilst working remotely.

As the world of work evolves, we are here to support you through both the current challenges and your longer-term planning. Discover all our latest insights below.

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Back to office

Step by step - returning to the office

To support you in this, we have created a clearly structured flyer with protective measures and rules of conduct for your employees (only in German).

Video tools

Working and setting in the home office

A guide to video tools and best practices for video conferencing.

Hiring remotely

How to interview remotely

Interviewing a new candidate using Skype or another video tool has some very different considerations from interviewing face-to-face. Make sure you know everything you need to make your next hire a success.


Maintaining your team’s wellbeing remotely

With remote working now the norm, the wellbeing of our teams has never been more important. How can you maintain your team’s wellbeing on a remote basis?


Onboarding from home office

Your guide to recruiting, onboarding and retaining new employees from the home office.

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