The Hays-Forum is an annual, related series of events to which we invite clients and active business partners. With the Hays-Forum, we offer a platform where current, key management issues are presented and discussed. Before and after the lecture we give participants the opportunity to chat and network with each other.

To survive in the ultra-competitive world of top-class sport, both team and individual performance must be optimised to their greatest extent. This is where leadership plays a central role – because whether it’s in sport or the corporate world, leadership means creating the conditions that enable groups of differently talented people to work together successfully as teams. And part of the responsibility of management includes being open and having the courage to explore new ideas. Leaders must have the strength to make decisions and implement changes that will meet with resistance, particularly when things are going well within the company.

That’s the power leaders have when they work as a team. If they are isolated and alone, they bow to the pressure of the naysayers, shy away from taking risks for the good of the whole and are afraid of responsibility. The same mechanisms therefore apply to them just as they do to individuals who have to work together in a football team. The success of the team on the pitch, like the success of the company in business, depends on a cohesive sense of team spirit that serves the good of the whole group.

In his lecture, Bernhard Heusler took our guests on a journey into the world of football and explained how they, too, can fully exploit their team’s fullest potential.