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Make your Onboarding successful

You have successfully passed the selection process and are looking forward to your first day at your new company.

At the same time, however, starting a new job also brings with it certain company-specific requirement. Read our tips below to find out how to make the most of your induction and initial training at your new company.

Before your first day

Call your new boss one to two weeks before your first day at work and ask:

  • when and where to arrive on your first day of work
  • how your induction and training are to proceed (e.g. is there a specific training programme for new employees?)
  • what documents you need to bring with you
  • what the dress code is

It is advisable to create a checklist, so that you are well prepared on your first day. As preparation, go through the notes you made during your interview one more time and memorise the most important names mentioned.

On your first day: Personally introduce yourself to all your new colleagues and remember the names of your immediate co-workers, supervisor and any respective areas of responsibility or projects. To help ensure you settle in as quickly as possible, make an appointment to meet with all your colleagues so that you can get to know them both personally and professionally. While doing this, however, don't touch on any topics that might be too personal and don't indulge in any office (or other) gossip.

Mentor during introduction period

Some companies provide new colleagues with a mentor during their induction period so that they can more quickly come to grips with the various particulars of their job roles. This also means they have a permanent point of contact and know who to turn to if they have any questions. Your mentor can also help you integrate socially into your new team and introduce you to your new colleagues.

Listen and show interest

Be sure to show interest in your new co-workers and listen to what they have to say. Get a feel for the company's structures, ask questions and take notes. If any problems arise, try to work them out first of all yourself. Also, always write down complicated processes so that you can look them up later if required.

Typical induction errors include:

  • Not taking adequate notes
  • Being overly self-confident

Stick to the procedures

Stick to the processes. This applies not only to new tasks, but also when you need information from other employees or if you already know a task from a previous employment relationship.

Don't ignore anyone and stick to the procedures you are taught, especially in the first few weeks. You'll gradually find the right opportunities to introduce your own ideas as you go. In the meantime, however, you should first familiarise yourself with the existing guidelines.

Clarification meeting in probationary period

If necessary, ask your supervisor during your probationary period for a clarification meeting to lay out the expectations of all parties and to clear up any ambiguities. During this meeting you can also discuss your tasks and working methods as well as your general framework conditions. This will help you to find out whether you are on the right track and are meeting the demands placed on you. After the first three months, it is a good idea to get comprehensive feedback and find out what you're doing well and what you can still improve on.


To sum up: Your goal in achieving a successful induction should be to familiarise yourself with the company, its processes and your new colleagues as quickly as possible.

Don't get ahead of yourself in the beginning and introduce new ideas carefully. In this way you can be certain that a good working relationship with your colleagues is assured.

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