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Switzerland is situated in the heart of Europe, right in the middle of the large technology center South Germany – Northern Italy – Lyon and at the intersection of the important European economic axis between London and Milan and Barcelona and Munich.

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Switzerland: small in size but with strong economic power; without raw materials but prosperous and the home of the UN European office; each canton concerned about its independence but united to a whole.

Facts and figures

Area 41,293 km²
Population 7,907 million
Capital Bern
No. of cantons 26
Highest mountain Dufourspitze (Monte Rosa), 4,634m
Largest canton Graubünden, 7,107 km²
Smallest canton Basel-Stadt, 37 km²
Largest city Zurich with 404,783 inhabitants
Trade balance exports SFr 198 billion, imports SFr 174 billion



Due to its geographical situation in Central Europe, Switzerland offers a mix of all of the four European climatic areas: the oceanic, North European, Mediterranean and continental climates.

Four official languages

Switzerland is divided into four language regions: 63.7% German, 20.5% French, 6.5% Italian, 0.5% Rhaeto-Roman and 9% Others.

facts & figures

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