Recruitment service
in Switzerland

There is a high demand for skilled professionals. And the increasing complexity of jobs means the demand for highly qualified experts is also increasing. This is especially true for disciplines with a high degree of specialisation.

It is exactly for this reason that we, as professional recruiters, have set ourselves the goal of providing employment opportunities that enable experts to utilise their qualifications to the best of their abilities while at the same time realising their individual potential.

Our services encompasses the following areas of expertise:

Construction & Property

  • Plant engineering/process engineering
  • Supply engineering/facility services engineering
  • Construction coordination
  • Facility management
  • Asset management


  • Automotive
  • Mechanical engineering and plant construction
  • Electrical engineering
  • Plastics
  • Aerospace industry
  • Railmotive
  • Others


  • Cost accounting
  • Reporting procedure
  • Tax and auditing
  • Controlling
  • Planning
  • Accounting


  • Physicians in permanent employment and freelance fee-based physicians for all common indications in hospitals and clinics

Information Technology

  • All established skills


  • In-house
  • Large international firms
  • Specialised boutique practices
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Banks

Life Sciences

  • All stages of clinical research
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Drug safety
  • Quality management
  • Production
  • Medical affairs
  • Others


  • Sales
  • Expansion
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Administration

Sales & Marketing

  • Sales engineering
  • Sales IT
  • Marketing

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