Nicole Brandes is an international management coach, writer and thinker about the future of business. In record speed, the former manager has secured herself a permanent position as a top speaker in Europe, covering topics such as Leadership 4.0, the “us” intelligence and mindful business. She presents lectures internationally for global corporations on the themes of "Leadership in the Digital Transformation" and is committed to a new management culture. 
As an expert at the prestigious Institute of the Future, she's at the cutting edge of new developments in the world of work.

Brandes began her career as a delegate of the executive board of Swissair, built an international VIP organization as executive director at UBS, and successfully transformed the marketing of a traditional and renowned bank thereby receiving an award. She was head of corporate communications at an investment firm, and managing director of an international foundation headed by Queen Silvia of Sweden. Following a plane crash in Halifax, she headed the Swissair care team emotionally moving many people.