Hays Reviews

The results are clear: Hays customers are ahead of the pack

Swiss companies benefit from the experience of proven personnel services provider, Hays

Finding the right personnel is one of the most important factors for ensuring sustainable economic success. And particularly when there is a persistent shortage of skilled workers and flexibility on the labour market is increasing, HR managers and HR departments often face major challenges. Usually these difficulties can only be overcome with the help of a reliable and thoroughly experienced personnel services provider. Positive assessments from more than 100,000 project staff in Europe's German-speaking countries confirm that Hays is the best possible partner for companies across a variety of industries and sectors. With offices in Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Bern, Hays ensures that qualified specialists and managers are quickly placed in appropriate jobs in the Swiss market.

The innovative Hays process finds the best candidates

In 33 countries around the world, numerous companies rely on Hays' advanced recruitment process. Individually prepared needs analyses and precisely formulated requirement profiles ensure that exactly the right candidates are found for every specific situation. By carrying out an extensive analysis of the customer's needs, Hays finds candidates with the appropriate professional competence and personality. And this attention to detail shows: Hays' significantly more efficient recruitment results eclipses those achieved through the use of other outdated recruitment models. By using modern software systems combined with human expertise and superior market knowledge, we can expertly dovetail technologies to best suit our customers' needs. According to numerous surveys, this is one of the most important advantages Hays customers appreciate.

Flexibility becomes an opportunity

In many instances Hays has already found the right people even before they are needed. We have numerous candidates with great potential available around the world, ready to be deployed as needed and in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the high speed at which Hays finds these perfect matches, flexibility becomes a real opportunity rather than a hurdle. According to many assessments, being able to meet the challenges of the flexible world of employment opens up promising opportunities for securing long-term economic development. In order to ensure the sustainable success of its customers, Hays and its experts are available to address all consulting questions related to flexible HR management. We can also work with you to search for optimal solutions to meet specific individual requirements. Whether it's temporary deployments, external employees, permanent staff or individuals on a contract basis – Hays offers the ideal personnel options to provide maximum flexibility for short and long-term solutions so that you can achieve optimum operational results.

Hays - specialisation creates trust

The central reason for the strong trust that more and more Swiss customers are placing in Hays lies in its specialisation. By focusing on nine areas of competence – including Engineering, Finance, IT and Retail – and thanks to its almost 25 years of corporate success, Hays has been able to amass a great deal of understanding of the requirements in various industries. This experience pays off enormously for customers because it enables them to find suitable candidates, even when highly specialised tasks are required. Hays' customers can thus fully focus on their core business while at the same time reliably minimising operational risks. This enormous advantage has made Hays one of the world's leading recruiting experts. Working with passion and a keen sense of responsibility, Hays has become a reliable partner for HR issues of all kinds.