Transcending Limits – What companies can learn from a mountaineer

Have you ever faced your own personal limits and limitations? Or even gone beyond them? Perhaps you already know, then, how crossing such borders can change and influence our lives and actions.

Because of her many years of experience as a mountaineer, Evelyne Binsack, this year's speaker at the Swiss Hays Forum, knows what it means to go beyond these borders and limitations. Through her experiences, she has not only witnessed impressive and breath-taking scenes, but also gained deep insights into the human mental process. These insights have, in turn, helped her realise many ambitious goals.

Evelyne Binsack was one of the first women in Europe to become a qualified mountain guide, was the first Swiss woman to climb Mount Everest, has successfully tackled a solo climb of the Eigerwand and has mastered the highest peaks of the Andes and Himalayas. Her greatest challenge was a 484-day, 16-country extreme adventure extending from Switzerland to the South Pole without the use of any technical aids – just a bicycle, on foot, with skis and sledges.

Evelyne Binsack

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Hays-Forum 2015

Evelyne Binsack: "Transcending limits – What companies can learn from a mountaineer"

Interview with Evelyne Binsack:
"Transcending limits – What companies can learn from a mountaineer" (Video in German, Duration 03:13 Min)